Foto Pernikahan dan Prewedding

Wedding photoshoot at Eiffel Tower Paris by Eny Therese Photography

Wedding photography needs special attention to details, a lot more preparations, the right equipments and certainly more time and attention to discuss with you to get it right : which locations, what time of the day, which pictures / poses do you like. Paris is a beautiful city, and there are so many other spots to get the special frame.

It’s not the same job as standard wedding-packages, as it is an important day, especially for you.

So this is my advice:

Book the date first! It’s important!

Even if you’re still not certain about it, even if it may change later, it doesn’t matter, we can always change it.
But if the date has been taken, it’s more complicated to change that.


For my clients from far, Asia and beyond, as your photographer I’m also your friend in Paris : If you need anything, you need to let me know.
I live here, I know how to get things, hair-dresser, car, or whatever, but if you don’t tell me, I can not guess what you need.

You can contact me at WA: +33 (6) 66 49 70 52