“Pictures to capture memories & motions to relive emotions”

Eny Thérèse

À propos de moi

For me photography is about the passion to capture people’s feeling and freeze it in time so it can be remembered forever.

And Paris, the city of Love gives such a photographic scenery that demultiply this romantic feeling.

I like taking people around to the nicest spots of the city and just let Paris do the magic while I am framing and capturing the moment. When people feels confortable and enjoy the photosession as much as enjoying the trip, they will express the best of their true selves naturally.

There is nothing more beautiful than sincere candid frame frozen in time.

Hi! I’m Eny Thérèse,
I’m Indonesian, living in Paris for more than 20 years. And I like photography.
If you need one let me know.
WhatsApp : +33 (6) 66 49 70 52

Where to go?

Favorites photo-sessions in Paris, which one would you like to go?

Tips & stories

What makes beautiful-picture beautiful, and enjoyable-photo-session unforgetable.

By thème

Photo sessions for mariage, proposal, family, anniversaries and other special moments.

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Holiday / Casual session

For holiday or casual photography session in Paris, it’s should be as easy as 1-2-3.
I have listed above, the favorites places so you can pick a place and book a session, or just pick a date below, and let me know where you want to go.