Reportage Photo et Vidéo de Mariage

Reportage de mariage civil mairie Paris 18eme par Eny Therese Photographie

Hiring wedding photographer is a must, and it is not expensive!

Think about it!
Long after the wedding dress and suits are cleaned up and folded,
Long after the flowers withers, long after the party is over, and decorations taken down,
the wedding pictures and videos will still give you back the memories of that day,
and let you relive that emotions again once more.

So considering what has been spent and done,
the photo and video are not expensive,
it’s an investment! and it is important!

Because your wedding day is important!
Because things are going to happen so fast that day,
Because you need photographer’s eye to capture things as it’s happening,
so you can relive that moments again!

It’s an investment that pays back many folds.

There are many styles, and budget for wedding photo and videos.
Our style, you can see from the examples below, is natural and honest.
It is simple, and it tells the story about you, and the happiness you bring on that special day, that spreads out to everybody present that day.

Pictures freeze the moment in time, so you can re-watch every details of the scene as if you're out of time,
While the video let you relive the emotions of the moments as if you're going back in time!

That’s why we prepare you these photo & video wedding-packages,
Because in a wedding day, photographer and vidéaste must work together as one, not separately.

Wedding packages from 900€ to suit your needs

  • Wedding Ceremony only.
    If your budget is tight, this is a good choice, as in the example above, it covers the essential moments which is the wedding ceremony in the Mairie/Townhall, including couple-shoots & family shoots after the ceremony.
    The package covers 2-3 hours shooting time. ( church / religious ceremony may be included with extra-time).
    Photo & Video Package: 900€.
  • Half-day Wedding Package,
    Including the bride / groom preparations in the morning, until the end of the wedding ceremony as above. This package covers 4-5 hours shooting time.
    Photo & Video Package: 1200€.
  • Full-day Wedding Package
    From the preparations in the morning, the ceremony, until the receptions party later on the day. We get ourselves available for you on that day for a total of 8 hours shooting time to give you complete coverage of your wedding day.
    Photo & Video Package: 1800€

For more elaborate, customized wedding photo and video session, please check here.

What you will get

  • Well first of all, you get one photographer, and one videographer, fully equiped, and shooting the wedding moments.
    It is not only about expensive cameras and lenses, because wedding photography and videography is a challenging session: because things are happening so fast, and many events can not be repeated twice : you will say “I do” only once!
  • You also get one time rehearsal on location a few days before the wedding day.
    This is essential to get the storyline right, this is important to give you that smooth pleasant, natural photo and video. This is a gauge of quality!
  • Then, after the wedding day is over, our job is not done yet, the big part is just about to begin.
    You get us to work for two weeks to select, edit and color-adjust the pictures,
    and up to one month to cut, edit, sync and color-grading to create that short wedding movie, complete with background music.
  • Teaser clip!
    Two weeks and one month is too long for today’s fast life. So within 48 hours we create short teaser-clip and a few sample pictures that you can share with your social circles. It is a good opportunity to adjust for some style-details and color-preferences, and this is also a gauge of quality : you don’t get surprises on the delivery date.

So all in all, we’ve prepared this interesting wedding-package so it gives you natural wedding pictures that captured that priceless moments, and a short-video that you’d like to watch again once more, to relive the emotions.

Pick a date first!

Most important things first: pick a date below so the time slot is reserved for you. You can always change the date later, and as long as it is possible, we can adapt.
After reservation I will contact you to arrange for the details.

Starting from 900€, more options in reservation below.