“Pictures to capture memories & motions to relive emotions

Eny Thérèse

Pre-Wedding, Wedding, and Holiday Photographer in Paris

Hi, I am Eny Thérèse

For me photography is about the passion to capture people’s feeling and freeze it in time so it can be remembered forever.

And Paris, the city of Love gives such a photographic scenery that demultiply this romantic feeling.

I like taking people around to the nicest spots of the city and just let Paris do the magic while I am framing and capturing the moment. When people feels confortable and enjoy the photosession as much as enjoying the trip, they will express the best of their true selves naturally.

There is nothing more beautiful than sincere candid frame frozen in time.

I cover Paris and Versailles, and all nearby towns and castles.
I’m Indonesian, living in Paris for more than 20 years. I speak Indonesian, English and French.
If you need a photographer let me know.
WhatsApp : +33 (6) 66 49 70 52

email : enytherese@gmail.com

Instagram : enytheresephotography

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Holiday Photoshoot at Trocadero by Eny Therese Photography

Paris Holiday Photoshoot

For holiday photoshoot session in Paris, it’s very easy:

Or read more to learn about what you will get in a photoshoot, that’s why I think it’s important to have a photographer in Paris, and why you must choose the right one!
Find out about my pricelist, reservation policies, deliveries & more.

Where do you want to go?

Another good way to proceed is to pick from the favorite spots in Paris.

There are more than Eiffel-tower, in fact all paris is beautiful, and that’s a problem! You must choose!

Let’s go with InMyCar

If you want to cover more locations, more conveniently, I propose InMyCar package.
We can cover more places in short time, you can change outfit on the way, it’s safer to leave belongings, and no worries whether it rains or snows.

Read more about InMyCar routes, reservation & more.

Prewedding photoshoot in Paris by Eny Therese Photography

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Pre-Wedding photography needs special attention to details, a lot more preparations, the right equipments and certainly more time and attention to discuss with you to get it right : which locations, what time of the day, which pictures / poses do you like. Paris is a beautiful city, and there are so many other spots to get the special frame.

Wedding ceremony at Mairie de Gif sur Yvette by Eny Therese Photography

Wedding Photo & Video

Because your wedding day is important!
Because things are going to happen so fast that day,
Because you need photographer’s eye to capture things as it’s happening,
so you can relive that moments again!