St Michel, Notre-Dame et ile St. Louis

Street photo, by the seine or how about ice-cream ?

Notre-Dame de Paris is the cathedral at the center of Paris, on the Ile-de-la-cité island, where you can find the zero-point of the whole France. Notre-dame is the oldest and probably the most beautiful gothic church architecture in France. You can admire the huge rosage or stained-glass window which was there since 1160. The church became famous after Victor Hugo wrote the novel of Les-Miserables or the legendary Hunchback of Notredame.

Those of you who like street-photography, this area is a very interesting because every street corner has it’s own charm. You can explore the old books stands along the Seine river, or the cafés or the small back alleys behind.

Best ice-cream in Paris

Berthillon is the name, and it’s in Ile-St Louis. And there are many copycats of Berthillons here and there. I’ll show you the original one.

There are soo many different flavors, and you can really taste the difference : black-current, chesnut, honey-nougat, even créole.

We can end the photo-session there so you can enjoy your ice-cream.


From our meeting point in St. Michel, we’ll roam around the back-streets in St. Michel where you can see many restaurants and shops sellin macaroons, falavel, greek-sandwich and also souvenirs! You can always come back there later. Because we will pass through and get the old-book sellers, the Shakespear & Co, and the Notredame church, which was on fire a few years back.

If you take picture with Notredame background today, many years from now, people will still be able to pinpoint the exact year from the progress of the reconstruction. Soon Notredame will get it’s roof back, and the majestic flèche (steeple) later.

Then we’ll cross over to Ile-St. Louis, along the tip of the island and roam around the restaurants and the ice-cream places. Sometimes, during sundays some people are making attractions on the bridge to St. Louis like accrobatic-roller-skate or music or dance or whatever.

Route : St. Michel – Notredame – Ile St. Louis

Meeting point!

Meet me in front St Michel statue,

Nearest metro St Michel : Exit 3 Fountaine St. Michel, or RER exit 4. It’s the statue of St. Michel with a sword standing on top of lucifer, who would miss that?

I pick this easily identifiable spot for you so we don’t miss the rendez-vous.

Pick a date!

Which photo-session is really up to you.
To take nice pictures takes time, to enjoy the walk, and appreciate the surroundings. And it is your holiday in Paris. You’ve come all the way here, so might as well enjoy the photo session and the scenery.
And moreover, a photographer always take you to the best spots.

So here are some suggestions from previous sessions around this place :

  • St Michel + Notre dame + ile st Louis : 90 min
  • St Michel + Notre dame + ile st Louis + cafe shoot : 2 jam. If you want to taste the best ice-cream in Ile-St Louis, I can probably leave you there so you can enjoy your ice-cream.

Starting from 200€, more options in reservation below.