Hameau de Marie Antoinette

Surprise Proposal in Marie Antoinette Hamlet Versailles by Eny Therese Photography

Beautiful, relatively unknown and peaceful

The Trianon Palaces and the Queen’s Hamlet located in the back of the gardens.

The queen actually used the hamlet as a place for relaxing walks, where she would go to escape the burdens of life and to host small gatherings. The fact that the hamlet was also a functioning farm, a point upon which the queen insisted, meant that it served an educational role for the royal children. 

Meadows, lakes and streams dotted with country cottages, windmills, even with a little farm and mill complete with livestock.

Our Route

Meet me at the red-dot ( in front of entrance of Grand Trianon ).
We’ll walk up through pink marble columns and pilasters of the Grand Trianon and then go to queen’s hamlet.

Meeting point!

Meet me at In front of Le grand Trianon .

I pick this easily identifiable spot for you so we don’t miss the rendez-vous

Pick a date!

  • 1 h if you want directy to Hamlet
  • 1h30 hours normally around the Hamlet, Temple-of-love passing through Trianons
  • 2h if you want to spend more time at the hamlet and trianons with picnic photoshoot or probably café shoot at Angelina’s café

Starting from 200€, more options in reservation below.