Birthday Celebration

A photographer’s eye for a special celebration!…

You’ve prepared for the party, you’ve decorated the house, you’ve ordered the cake, you’ve got tickets for snow-white & cinderella, or that chalet under Eiffel-tower.
but you also need a photographer! to capture the moments.

  • Because party moments pass so fast, before you know it, it’s gone.
  • Because then you can fully enjoy the party, savouring every moments, knowing that a photographer’s eye is capturing each moment in time.
  • Because you want to relive that moments, after the party and years after, take a look again at the cakes, the candles, and the happy-faces.
  • Because afterward you can continue to laugh on the pictures that you discovered, on the moments you might have missed, from the angle you’ve never seen, as you were seen by the lenses in that happy moments.
  • Because afterward, you can share it with those you love, who would love to have been there.

Take a look at these birthday party pictures,..

Pictures capture memories, while video relive emotions


Especially when you invite many people, it is very interesting to capture both picture and video.
Photo and video do not do the same job, but they are complementary.
Picture freeze the moment in time, and you can appreciate every detail of it, as if you’re out of the time.
Video tells the story, and relive the emotions, as if you went back in time.

Check out the video below,

When we shoot for video, as much as possible, we try to capture the candid moments as it happens in time, we try to capture your story! So that the story of one day, tell the story of you, and the happiness you share in that special day.
Our clients are touched by our style, and the video is pleasant to watch, and rewatch.

(The video has been edited, the more personal moments taken out, in respect of our clients. )

video: Fête d’Anniversaire chez La Bonbonnière de Marie

What you will get

Well first of all, you get one photographer, and one videaste, fully equiped, and shooting the moments for 2-3 hours.

But when the party is over, our job is not done yet!
The big part is just about to begin.

  • For a week, we will select, edit and color-adjust the pictures, to get around 100s of the nicest ones.
  • and during two weeks we will cut, edit, color-grade and assemble the clips into a story, to get 3-5 minutes short-film complete with background music that enhance the story.

What you will get are pictures that you’d like to see again, that capture that moments, that’s like a key to remind you of your memories,
and short-movie that you’d like to watch again and again, that tells your story to share, and brings you back the emotions the you felt that day.

At least that’s what we’re aiming to do, for each project we undertake.

Pick the date first!

Nevertheless, it’s important to get the date first! Reserve first that 2-3 hours!
If it’s taken, it’s taken; but when it’s done then it’s done.
Afterward we can discuss the details, take care of payment later, change date or time as long as it’s possible.

Starting from 700€, more options in reservation below.