Lavender Lover Photoshoot 2024

Lavender lover by Eny Therese Photography

Open Photoshoot sessions in Valensole, Provence, from 30 June to July 15 only!

Before is too early, after is too late!

Lavender blooming season is something not to be missed if you visit Provence, south of France during these dates. I come every summer, shooting for the best, the most stunning moment of happy people in the lavender fields.

It’s about knowing the right place at the right time, and shooting at the right angle.

This year I’m opening photoshoot sessions later than usual, from 30th of June until 15th of July. A little birdy told me, these dates will be the best blooming days in the lavender fields of Valensole this year.
So there will be only 15 sunsets and 15 sunrises, 30 golden hours in total to choose from for your lavender photoshoot.
So it’s better to book your season first, before someone else took it.

Add videos to your photoshoot to bring emotions back to live!

Lavender Video & Drone Reel

30 minutes video shooting using camera & drone in one location during photoshoot session. Up to 1m30 edited video-clip with background music ready to post in your social media. Read more

350.00 incl. VAT
Surprise proposal on the top of lavender mountain
Drone videoshoot in Lavender field - Valensole, Provence
LavenderHigh - The unforgetable, undescriptible sensation during sunrise moments in the peak of lavender season.
Flying dress in a wheatfield of Valensole, Provence
Lavender Photoshoot in Valensole

The right Lavender photoshoot for you

The lavender fields in Valensole covers quite a vast area, and there are a lot of nice-spots to take these shots. So we must decide where to go: Some are quite accessible, some are quite far from the main road, and others requires some walking.
Based on the time you have, these are the spots that I can suggest.

On the road to Valensole

If you only have 1 hour to spare for photoshoot,…

There are a few spots on the main road toward Valensole, just 15 minutes drive from the highway.
There we can find some of the iconic Lavender fields, and later in the season the sunflower will also start to bloom. There are a few shops selling local products, parking space and rest area, making it a good starting point.

Lavender Photoshoot – 1h On location

1 hour casual photoshoot around Valensole area  (1 location and spots around the location). Read more

240.00 incl. VAT

Here are some more pictures taken in the 1 hour photoshoot area “On the road to Valensole”

If you have more than 1 hour,…

There are more rural and more stunning spots that we can cover, in addition to the spots above.
I give each of them a name, so you can simply ask me by their name to take you there.

Lavender blooming at Valensole Eny Therese

The infinity

The ondulating waves of expansive lavender fields that extends to the infinity, so vast like you’re in the middle of purple ocean under provencial sky.

The Hut

One of the most iconic spot in Valensole, the little hut in the middle of lavender ocean.

honeymoon photoshoot at Valensole Eny Therese Photography
couple at Valensole by Eny Therese

The chapel on the hill

This is one of the faraway secluded spot that makes you feel so much all alone. It takes quite a long winding drive, but the view is breathless.

The immortal

No, not her (well, maybe), it’s the yellow flower!
It is called “immortelle” because this flower does not wither even after many many years. They distill the oil for skincare.

Lavender and immortelle blooming Valensole by Eny Therese
Sage blooming at Valensole by Eny Therese

The other purple hue.

On the road you may notice another purple hue, softer to the pinkish side unlike the vivid lavender-blue. It’s the clary-sage that adds the soft purple to the provencial color-palette.

The winding country road

There are a few dirt road that can give that rural feeling of Provence, just need to pick the most colorful ones, and the right angle and the whole frame is full of colors.

couple at Valensole by Eny Therese
Picnic under oliv tree Valensole Eny Therese photography

Under the olive trees

Just a quiet corner under the shades of olive trees.

Wheat barrels on wheat fields

If we’re lucky, after harvest time we can find these scattered accross the fields.

Mother and son at wheat barrels Valensole Eny Therese Photography

Lavender Photoshoot – 2h Beyond Valensole

2 hours photoshoot on several locations around Valensole Read more

400.00 incl. VAT

Extra 30 minutes Photo Shoot

Add extra 30 minutes to your photoshoot session. Read more

125.00 incl. VAT

More pictures taken on the fields beyond the road to Valensole.

Sunset & Sunrise Sessions

There’s just no better way of getting these provencial-colors than actually doing the photoshoot during the golden hours. If you really want to get nice colors of the lavender fields, you must get the sunset or sunrise sessions. The lavender literally changes hues as the golden hour passes, and then comes the freshness of morning sun or the magical blue evening hour after sunset.

Lavender Photoshoot – 2h Golden Hour

2 hours photoshoot in the golden hour of sunset and sunrise in one or several locations around Valensole with equipments & lightings appropriate for photoshoot in low-light conditions. Read more

500.00 incl. VAT

No car? Let’s get InMyCar!

Travelling around the lavender fields can be complicated, if you don’t bring a car. That’s why I propose InMyCar photoshoot sessions with pickup and return to your place of stay for those of you who don’t travel by car to Provence: By Train, By Plane, or even by Cruise-ship, we can start the session where you get off from Aix or Marseille.

InMyCar sunrise photoshoot at Valensole Eny Therese Photography

Solo female-travelers: This InMyCar session is made for you.

Manosque is the nearest “modern” town with train connection, and there are plenty accomodations there. Otherwise, Aix is the other best option with train from Paris.

Because transport should not be a problem for you to get your dream photoshoot!

Lavender-InMyCar 4h Photo Shoot Day Trip

Half day (4 hours) photoshoot tour in lavender fields around Valensole with pickup and return from hotels around Valensole areas during sunset or sunrise or any time during the day, customized itinerary to efficiently reach the spots that you wish to cover. Read more

850.00 incl. VAT

Lavender-InMyCar Aix/Marseille 6h Photo Shoot Day Trip

Lavender photoshoot day trip around Valensole with pick up and return from Aix or Marseille. Read more

1 200.00 incl. VAT

How about Surprise proposal?

Well guys, for this you’d better contact me in secret, make a plan with me first, make sure she suspects nothing! I have my way of disappearing in the lavender fielfs :-).
Get the 1-hour session or the 2 hours if you’d like to have more couple-photoshoot session afterward.
Ladies, beware!

How about picnic?

Oh yes!, we can do that too. Let me know if you’d like to have picnics in the lavender fields, or under the olive trees. I’ll bring the basket, you just pay for the refreshments.

Read more about Valensole & lavenders …


But there are just that many sunsets and sunrises!

There are only 15 sunsets and 15 sunrises, 30 golden hours in total where the lavenders are in full bloom.
Contact me to book your session as soon as you can.

Book the date here

Delivery ?

I’m glad you ask :
When we leave the lavender field after the photoshoot, actually the other half of my work has not even started yet.
For one week I will be selecting, editing and color-adjusting the pictures to give you the best photos: This is also the service that is included in what you pay for. So considering all and all, it’s a fair price.

Checkout the pictures in this website or in my instagram to get the feeling of my photographic / editing style : it’s natural and candid pictures that my clients appreciates.
I give all the nicest pictures taken during photoshoot, usually more than 100 per hour photoshoot.

IF you need a few images quickly (for instagram or facebook) let me know, so I can send you within a day or two a few pictures for your posting.

Delivery of the edited pictures will be in one or two weeks after the end of the project, using online transfer.

Disclaimer & reservation conditions:

  • Please reserve a date first, and then we discuss.
    There are only that many sunsets and sunrises, if someone already took the timeslot, then it’s gone!
    So it’s a good idea to reserve a timeslot first.
    The reservation will be confirmed after the ticket is paid.
  • Cancellation : Deposit is not refundable!
    Because the timeslots are limited, and provisions must be done to prepare for the photoshoot in Valensole.
    If you’ve paid in full, you can cancel 48 hours prior to shooting date and I will reimburse the sum paid less the deposit value.
  • I don’t own the lavender fields, and I don’t have superpower to control the nature. If for some reason the photoshoot failed to take place (bad weather condition, health problem, or whatever reason other than your cancelation), then I’ll reimburse the reservation fee that you’ve paid.
    I will survey the fields just before the date and will decide to take you there if it’s blooming / interesting to go there.
  • Please do not pick the lavenders!
    As you can see in the photos above, people holding bouquet of lavender that I provide, or you can also buy on local shops on location. (it makes the car smells so nice, so don’t hesitate!)
    Our photoshoots are made possible by the kindness of the owners of these private fields, the least we can do is to leave it as it was.
  • Once you reserve, I’ll update you with the information from there. As of today, the lavender fields are still green, but it’s scheduled to be blooming by mid of June.
  • I’m not a taxi or uber, so if you’re travelling with me, it’s going to be in a normal, private car, just like with any friend or family of mine. I may bring open-cabriolet car or 7 place family car.

Why Valensole ?

If you happen to be visiting Provence around end of June, early July, it would be a mistake not to visit Valensole!
First of all, it’s the indiscriptible experience of vastness! You’re surrounded by the sea of lavender fields under the vast blue sky. The vivid color is changing hue with the angle of the sun, contrasting with the ochre of the earth. It’s literally a feast for the eyes.
And the fragrances of lavender all over the atmosphere is intoxicating, plenty to fill up your head and seeps into every pores of your skin! It is magical and unforgettable experience, redefining the memory of Provence.

When is the best time to visit Valensole?

The lavender season is not very long, actually it’s very short!
And it changes from year to year! Normally the peak of the bloom should be between mid-June until mid July, but this year it could be earlier, as so we heard from locals overthere.

But the photo opportunity is even shorter!

If you visit the lavender field too early, you’ll get greenish color instead of that vive Lavender-purple, but if you come too late, it turns greyish-violet, or worse, gone harvested. Some fields will also get renewed

And to make matter more complicated, the moment of bloom vary from year to year, and some fields are not as clean of weeds as the year before, or even planted with different crops from one year to another.

So that’s why it needs a serious project if we want to get a really good picture!

What to bring, what to wear?
  • For the best and prettiest contrasts against the violet blues of lavender flowers, you can wear something pale or white without any patterns. Strong red dress can also do, if you want to be bolder than the lavender.
  • You can pose with a bouquet of dried Lavender, that you can find in the markets and shops around Valensole.
  • Strawhat! Provencial strawhat for men or women, not only for photoshoot but because it’s always hot overthere!
  • It is important that you feels comfortable and happy walking around in the fields on the day. Wear comfortable shoes, bring some insect repellent and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

Where to stay?
  • Valensole is a very small village where you can find gites or even houses for rent.
  • Manosque is the closest modern town, if you just stay overnight this is probably the most practical place. If you took InMyCar session, either Manosque or Valensole is good for pick-up.
  • Gréoux-les-bains is another more touristy town on the hill, around half an hour drive from Valensole. You need to have a car because it’s quite far from the main areas, through winding roads.


If you stay around Valensole!

If you stay in Valensole or nearby, I can pick you up at your hotel/gite if you want to visit more than one locations.
This is probably easier, so we can drive around quickly to the spots.
Or if you bring a car, then I’ll just send you the gps location of the first lavander field for the day, and we’ll just meet there and then cover a few spots using two cars.

There’s also a possiblity for quick on-location session if you bring your own car.

Sunset & Sunrise Package / Overnight stay around Valensole

If you come by train, I can pick you up at the Aix-en-Provence station in the afternoon,
take you for an hour drive to Valensole,
get you checked-in in your hotel in Valensole or Manosque,
then take you for sunset session around the different spots of lavender-fields.
after sunset, I’ll take you back to your hotel.

The morning after, I pick you up in your hotel before dawn,
so we can catch the sunrise session.
Afterward, I’ll take you back to check-out from your hotel, and drive you back to Aix en Provence afterward.

The trip from Aix to Valensole takes around 1 hour, so if you get earliest train from Paris and latest one to return, you’d still have plenty of time to roam around Aix-en-Provence.

It would be a perfect overnight-trip from Paris!

OuiGo ticket from Paris is not expensive.

Here is the link to get the train ticket

Why pick-up from Aix?

Travelling from Paris or anywhere to Aix en Provence is quite simple,
But for many travelers without car, going from Aix to Valensole and back is quite a challenge.

The simplest solution is if you can rent a car in Aix-en-Provence, it is much preferable, probably cheaper, and more ecological because the car doesn’t need to go back & forth to Valensole again.

But I propose this pickup service because for many people there is no other solution to visit the lavender field in Valensole. Unfortunately, the TGV does not stop right in front of the lavender field.

There’s not much other solutions using public transport, and none is suitable for lavender photoshoot purpose. The bus is only twice a day, and one way trip takes 2.5 hours!!
Perhaps only taxi is suitable to get you from Aix-en-Provence to Valensole where I can pick you up;
Taxi cost at least 150€ one way.

So if you want me to pick you up, please select the Sunset & Sunrise session in the reservation below, and book a night in Valensole or Manosque. I think it’s the best arrangement, to get both dusk and dawn, with just spending 1 night.

And please reserve early, so I can arrange for things.

Don’t hesitate to discuss with me about your plan: