Fêtes Galantes in Versailles Palace

Photoshoot in Fêtes Galantes - Versailles

Le Grand Bal Masqué, Fêtes Galantes, La Serenade Royale; The Chateau of Versailles organize along the year, various events to revisit the palace from different atmosphere. In these events, invitees must come dressed in the costumes of the most beautiful periods of Versailles. You are invited to discover the refined and artistic atmosphere of the parties organised by Louis XIV, a timeless and unforgettable moment.

Do not forget to book the photographer to capture your moment in these memorables evenings.
It would be a mistake not to capture these moments properly.

We can do photoshoot on that same day, just before the event starts (before 17h) in different locations around the palace just like the nobles in the court of Versailles in that historical periods. Other than the must-have Golden Gate of the Palace, the Trianon domain, the Queen’s Hamlet and the Grand Canal, with the palace’s background are all beautiful spots for the photoshoot. Within the Versailles City there are also nice spots that still carry the remnants of the epoque-baroque.

How to get to these photo spots?

Walking! Depending on where you stay, some of the photoshoot locations are accessible on foot, or on the way to the castle.

Otherwise by InMyCar!
I think you would agree, walking with that baroque-costume is quite a sport, especially in Versailles, with the cobble-stones road. Therefore, if you want to cover many places, I propose to take the InMyCar package so we can easily go and hop-on and hop-off in these photo spots. The distances become quite short with a car, so within 3 hours we can cover as many spots as the time allows.

The gate of the Palace of Versailles

This is the must-go spot for the photoshoot; Under the statue of King Louis XIV, with the background of the palace, through the same cobled-stones that takes the courtisans of Versailles to the Palace during tat period. If they had a photographer, they would’ve had their photograph taken at the same place.

The Versailles City

Versailles is not just the Palace, but the whole city hides corners that reminds us of the Versailles life in that era. The following photos are taken around the Versailles city and streets.

Hotels in Versailles

There are classic and even historical hotels aound the Palace that gives Versailles ambiance. No need to search further, your hotel room is the best spot to start the photoshoot.

The Palace Garden

Previously; the Versailles Palace allowed guests of these events to take photos in the garden of the palace before the event starts. However, today, the security may or may not allow such costume to enter the garden, there’s been varying reply on this subject. Please check with the ticketing, or with the hotel which may offer access or “autorisation” to do photoshoot into the garden.

The Palace Garden is accessible every day from 8:00am – 8:30 pm. May need ticket to enter, except Mondays.

Options : The Trianon, Hamlet, The Grand Canal, and the Parc behind the Palace

The domaine of Trianon, the Queen’s Hamlets and the Grand Canal gives a different scenery for the photoshoot. Some areas needs ticket to access, but most of the parc and Grand Canal are free to access.

The domain of Trianon are open from 12pm – 6:30pm except on mondays.
The Parc / Grand Canal are accessible from 7:00 am – 8:30pm