Fêtes Galantes in Versailles Palace

Are you ready for next Fetes Galantes in Versailles Palace on Monday, May 27th, 2024 ?

Once a year, the Chateau of Versailles organize different parties and events to revisit the palace from different atmosphere. The greatest one is the Fêtes Galantes where invitées must come dressed in costume identical to those of the most beautiful periods of Versailles. You are invited to discover the refined and artistic atmosphere of the parties organised by Louis XIV, a timeless and unforgettable moment.

Do not forget to book the photographer to capture your moment at the garden of the palace. It would be a mistake not to capture these moments properly.

We can do photoshoot on that same day, just before the event starts (before 17h) in the garden just like the nobles in the court of Versailles. Contact me to arrange the time of photoshoot.