Paris by Night

Paris, the city of lights!

It feel incomplete if you visit Paris without going out at night and taking beautiful night-shoots. Paris, the “City of Lights” is very romantic as soon as the sun sets, as the city lights emits romantic, even magical ambience. Especially when Eiffel tower suddenly glitters with thousands diamond lights to greet you at each hour.

The twilight hour in Paris change with the seasons. During winter, the sun-set can start from 4-5pm in the afternoon. So this can be the ideal time if you visit Paris during autum and winter, because it gets dark not very late of the day. In summer the sun-set can be as late as 10pm.

You can fin the sunset hours in Paris here.

Here are some of the nice spots to get night-shoots :

  • Bir Hakeim bridge
  • Seine river at Debilly
  • Alexandre III bridge
  • Louvre museum

Pick a date!

Which photo-session is really up to you.
To take nice pictures takes time, to enjoy the walk, and appreciate the surroundings. And it is your holiday in Paris. You’ve come all the way here, so might as well enjoy the photo session and the scenery.
And moreover, a photographer always take you to the best spots.

So here are some suggestions from previous sessions around this place :

My two cents

Night shoots requires more time, and less roaming compared to day shoot to get the lighting right.
But if you really want to get the most of Parisian nightshoot; If you have more outfits and can’t decide between red or black, with louvre or blinking eiffel in the background,
then I strongly suggest to take the InMyCar nigtshoot package :
You can bring more than 2 outfits, leave them in the car, and match with the spot.
I’ll make a custom itinerary to cover the best nightspots for photoshoot in Paris.
With InMyCar I can also bring better lightings than what I can carry for 1 or 2 hours sessions, and sometimes that makes all the difference.