Caroline and Sean Surprise Proposal Story

surprise proposal at Latona fontaine Versailles by Eny Therese

Location : Jardin de Diane, Fontainebleau

Our love story:

A modern romance—in other words, we met online. I fell head over heels very quickly after meeting her for the best date at a sushi spot in the west village, followed by a few drinks, and our first, second, and several other kisses in Washington Square Park. Since that day, I’ve loved her almost as much as she loves tuna sashimi.

Proposal Moment:

While sitting next to me during the hour and a half car ride from Paris to Chateau du Fontainebleau, Caroline could barely contain her excitement and emotions. She controlled the music and queued up all of the song that she loves. Most of those songs were to be played by the violinist, Euterpe, and at that point I grew more and more confident that the proposal was going to be excellent.

At the Garden of Diane, a little after 2:45PM, I got down on one knee and asked Caroline to spend the rest of our lives together. I am eternally grateful that she said yes, and that Eny helped coordinate a perfect proposal for my girl.


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