Casual / Holiday photoshoot

Traveling to Paris is like a dream came true.
You are so excited to see and enjoy the beauty of this city of Love.
So your moment in Paris is very precious.
That’s why, finding a good photographer to capture your moment is important.
A photographer who can be a friend with you, to make a plan, patience enough to discuss everything you need, what to wear, when the best time to do the photoshoot, how to choose the locations according to your expectation.

I prepare in this website, the informations about the best locations and the route to go during your photoshoot in Paris, so that you can have in mind about photospots in Paris before you come.

So don’t hesitate to contact me with your ideas and plans for the photoshoot:

Where to go for photoshoot in Paris?

ALL Paris are beautiful!
That’s the problem!
Because we are not birds, we can not fly, so we must choose.
Read more to learn about photo-destinations in Paris.

In My Car photoshoot around Paris by Eny Therese Photography

InMyCar Packages

If you want to cover more locations, more conveniently, I propose InMyCar package.
We can cover more places in short time, you can change outfit on the way, it’s safer to leave belongings, and no worries whether it rains or snows.

Casual photoshoot Pricelist

on location in Paris

30 min Casual Photoshoot

If you have very limited time for photoshoot, and just need 1 location, this quick photoshoot is perfect for you

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1 hour Casual Photoshoot

This is enough time to cover one location and spots around the location.

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1,5 hours Casual Photoshoot

90 minutes session is just enough to cover 2 nearby locations and spots around the locations.

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2 hours casual

More relax to cover 2 locations or even another one nearby, or a café shoot at the end.

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2,5 hours Casual Photoshoot

To cover 3 to 4 locations and spots around the locations.

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3 hours Casual Photoshoot

More relax to cover 3 to 4 locations and spots around the locations, and maybe café shoot at the end.

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Halfday 4h Casual Photoshoot

4 hours casual photoshoot, to cover your half-day moments roaming around in Paris.

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Fullday 8h Casual Photoshoot

Fullday casual photoshoot, to cover your full-day moments in Paris

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Extra time

Extra 30 minutes as promissed
(You must already book a session)

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I’m glad you ask :
When we leave the location after the photoshoot, actually the other half of my work has not even started yet.
For one week I will be selecting, editing and color-adjusting the pictures to give you the best photos.
This is also the service that is included in what you pay for.
It’s a fair price for a work done well.

  • Checkout the pictures in this website or in my instagram to get the feeling of my photographic / editing style :
    it’s natural and candid pictures that my clients appreciates.
  • I give ALL succesful pictures taken during photoshoot, usually more than 100 per hour photoshoot, all edited in high-resolution.
  • IF you need a few images quickly (for instagram or facebook) let me know, so I can send you within a day or two a few pictures for your posting.
  • Delivery of the edited pictures will usually takes within one or two weeks, using online transfer.
  • Video editing usually takes 3-4 weeks; longer time may be required during high-seasons.
  • Photos may be used in photographer’s portofolio (social media, website, etc). If you’d like to have private session, please request to me BEFORE the session begins.