Dear sponsors, thank you!
Without you, our projects would not be possible.
Now it’s time to make good of the pledges you promised.
There is no sum too small, nothing is insignificant, all contributions are appreciated.

Depending on the size of the project, we’ll try to express our gratitude differently.

  • Sponsor-100 : I will deliver to you my best selections of edited photos from the project. (around 20 pictures) These are high-quality images that you can print big-size, or use in your website or on your social-medias. Your name will also be listed on the patron/sponsor list in our website publication for that project.
  • Sponsor-200 : I will delivery to you the released editions of the film from the project that you can enjoy, use in your website or on your social medias. Your name will be listed in the sponsor/patron list at the end of the film.
  • Sponsor-500 : Your logo will be rendered on the sponsor/patron list at the end of the film. The size of the logo will be proportional to the amount of contribution.
  • Sponsor-800 : More than just logo, I’ll render your product in the video. For example, if you send us a sample of your product, a parfume bottle, then we can render it 3d / rotating and integrate it at the end-credits.
  • Sponsor-1k and more: We can customize the short-film for you. Possibilities are only limited by our imaginations : we can do shooting in your location, we can use your product within the film, or we can make a special edited-version to put forward your business communication.