I love this profesion as photographer, and I value highly my quality of service.

And so I select a few service providers that I reccomend to my clients: make-up artist, hairdresser, dress-rental, decorations and other services, those people that I believe have the same level of passion and attention to quality of service as I do.

Because we are in this business together : the satisfaction of my client depends a lot of your quality of service.

ALL our clients are serious about doing photoshoot in Paris! Most of our clients are international-travellers who come to Paris for the photoshoot, especially for prewedding or wedding photo.
Therefore they do not cancel nor reschedule the photoshoot lightly, for no real justifiable reason. If they do, there must be a reason : either travelling problems, or health problem, or for whatever reason. As such I don’t want to add more pain to their already painful situation.

For that reason, here are the conditions that I expect from my partners:

  • Clear tarif – No hidden-fee, No surprises. Please inform tarif before reservation, and no change after!
  • The show must go on : On the shooting-day, do all that is possible to make it happen! If you have problem, communicate early, and communicate frankly!
    If you can not honor your commitment, find a replacement! If you fail to find replacement : communicate quickly to me first! (I may find other solutions)
  • Deposit equals commitment!
    It is normal to ask for some deposit, but in exchange for your commitment to block your schedule. Please communicate how much deposit is required.
  • Cancelation – 48h full-refund : if you don’t loose money to secure your commitment (for example, buying entry ticket) then there is no reason to not reimbourse deposit in case of cancelation, as long as it was informed 48h in advance. This incite clients to book early, and that makes our life easier!
  • Rescheduling – 48h no extra-charge: So within 48 hours, rescheduling should be possible without extra charge, in the condition that your schedule allows it to happen, or otherwise give full-refund.
  • Change-reservation : same 48h tolerance! Be it more service or less service, as long as it doesn’t have direct cost related to the change, there is no reason to charge more for any change of service.

PLEASE let me know if you can honors the above conditions, or if you have different policy so I have confident in referring you to my next clients:
If you have exceptions, please let me know, so I may explain that to my clients in advance,
If you don’t say anything, I assume that you agree to the above conditions for future clients I refer you to.