Mariage photography requires special preparations, and the proper equipments. It’s not the same job as casual photoshoot, as it is an important day, especially for you.

Book the date first! It’s important!

So book the date first below, even if it may change later, it doesn’t matter, we can always change it.
But if the date has been taken for other photosession, it’s more complicated to chage that.

Please also describe more of what you’d like me to cover

  • Full day from preparations, ceremonies, all the way to evening receptions.
  • Halfday coverage of the ceremonies only or
  • Wedding-couple photography only.

Please book below. You can block more than one day by making several submissions. It’s alright because they are not definitive and we will be able to review the, later. As soon as I received your request we will get in touch, and prepare you a proper quotation.