InMyCar to Versailles Palace

... Let us take care of the trip, so you can just enjoy your photo session...

Because your time in Paris is important, let’s enjoy the photosession with my car.

I take you around in my car, directly to Versailles from your hotel, so you can get the best pictures in all these memorable spots.

You can just enjoy the photo session, no need to worry about loosing time waiting for taxi, or missing those special hard-to-reach photo-spots that can only be covered with private car in such a short time.

There are 2 itinerary options in Versailles for halfday InMyCar package :

  • Versailles palace and garden : Versailles Palace was the home of the royal family, built by Louis XIV. If you want to see the glorious heritage of the French kingdom, this is the place. From the gold-plated gate, the beautiful chateau all the way to the enormous garden with water-fountains here and there, Versailles was built to impress. The chateau and the garden is very large to explore, with labyrith and hidden places. And I remember a lot of nice “angles” to take pictures, and it is always nice to take a walk that way.
  • The Trianon Palaces and the Queen’s Hamlet located in the back of the gardens. The queen actually used the hamlet as a place for relaxing walks, where she would go to escape the burdens of life and to host small gatherings. The fact that the hamlet was also a functioning farm, a point upon which the queen insisted, meant that it served an educational role for the royal children. Meadows, lakes and streams dotted with country cottages, windmills, even with a little farm and mill complete with livestock. This Hamlet open afternoon only.

Fullday InMyCar package (take 2 halfday InMyCar Packages) will cover : Versailles palace, garden, Trianon and Hamlet.

Included :

– A convertible car with driver to take to the photospots during the session*).

– Starts from your hotel to Versailles Palace, photoshoot and then we send you back to the hotel or you want to continue exploring versailles by yourself. You can choose halfday or full day packages

Night Photo: + 100 euro extra charge. *)

SPECIAL : Versailles is my playground, so entrance ticket to the palace, garden, park and Hamlet of Versailles for photographer and Videographer are FREE. You just prepare the entry ticket for yourselves. Better you buy the ticket online to simplify your visit. Specially if you want to enter the palace. You can buy the ticket here.

InMyCar Packages

within Paris

  • Pick up and return from your hotel within Paris.
  • Photoshoot trip with car in Paris, covering 4-5 locations in Paris famous destinations.

InMyCar Halfday Photoshoot

Up to 5 people
4 hours photo-tour with car.
Unlimited shots, +200 photos,
all successful shots will be delivered. 

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InMyCar Halfday Photo+Video

Up to 5 people
4 hours photo-tour with car.
Video shoot for 3-5 minutes video clip with music.
Unlimited shots, +200 photos,
all successful shots will be delivered.

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I’m glad you ask :
When we leave the location after the photoshoot, actually the other half of my work has not even started yet.
For one week I will be selecting, editing and color-adjusting the pictures to give you the best photos.
This is also the service that is included in what you pay for.
It’s a fair price for a work done well.

  • Checkout the pictures in this website or in my instagram to get the feeling of my photographic / editing style :
    it’s natural and candid pictures that my clients appreciates.
  • I give ALL succesful pictures taken during photoshoot, usually more than 100 per hour photoshoot, all edited in high-resolution.
  • IF you need a few images quickly (for instagram or facebook) let me know, so I can send you within a day or two a few pictures for your posting.
  • Delivery of the edited pictures will usually takes within one or two weeks, using online transfer.
  • Video editing usually takes 3-4 weeks; longer time may be required during high-seasons.
  • Photos may be used in photographer’s portofolio (social media, website, etc). If you’d like to have private session, please request to me BEFORE the session begins.

want balloons?

Many people bring balloons for photoshoot in Trocadéro, because it creates the wow effect on that wide-open space.
There are balloon-shops around paris, but if you find that complicated, I can help make things simpler for you:
After you pick the date below, you can add most common balloons in your cart, and I’ll take care of ordering it for you.
For more special balloons, it’s not possible to order it on this site, just let me know, so I’ll forward you to the proper shop that can deliver in location.

Picnic basket

I can bring picnic basket for the photoshoot, with real sandwich & drinks from a boulangerie (bakery) nearby.
After the photoshoot, I will leave you on that spot so you can continue to have lunch picnic.

Paris by night

It feels incomplete if you come to Paris and not taking pictures of Paris at night.

Paris is also named “City of Light”, not because it’s very bright, but because paris puts the light where it becomes beautiful, where it becomes romantic. Especially, when Eiffel tower suddenly sparkles with sparkling lights to mark each hour as soon as the night falls.

If you want night shoot in paris, book here

Itinerary options for InMyCar photosession package :


in 3 hours, stop by these locations : Trocadero, BirHakeim, Pont Alexander III, Place de la concorde, Louvre, Palais Royal.

start from 825 euros


in 3 hours, stop by these locations : Trocadero, Louvre, Pont des arts, ile de la cité, Notredame.

start from 825 euros


in 3 hours, stop by these locations : Arc de triomphe, LeMoulin, I-Love-U wall, Place de Tertre (arts area), and Sacrecoeur (cafe and dining area)

start from 825 euros

Latin quarter

3 hours photo session trip around the latin quarter of Paris Covering Pantheon, St Michel, Notredame and Iles de la Cité.

start from 825 euros

Disneyland Paris

Come and enjoy your visit at disneyland Paris with your beloved or your family. And I will capture your beautiful and natural moments there.

start from 825 euros

Excursion to Versailles

3 hours, covers these photo-spots as many as the time allows: Mary-Antoinette’s Hamlet, Grand-Trianon, Palace’s parc, and the Versailles palace.

start from 825 euros