Group photoshoot

You’re coming to Paris in a Group, Is it possible to take photoshoot ? Absolutly, YES!

  • If you are a group of more than 6 persons, this photoshoot session is made for you! Normally when you come with a group of family, friends or coworkings, your agenda is quite tight, many people think it will be difficult to arrange the photoshoot.
    But that’s not true!
    Aranging a group photo shoot in Paris is just a few clicks away!
  • And especially because you are in Paris, you must hire a photographer to capture the best memory of your group that you can bring back home, post on your website or social media and even print it big and hang it on the wall.
    And you know that the small mobile phone lenses just won’t give the same result!
  • It’s also about the spots, it’s about the angle!
    It’s about where you should stand and from which angle to take to get the wow effect!
    And a good photographer knows the area, where to go, which the best spots to cover in each locations.
    It’s normal, it is our job!
  • The photographer know how to guide your pose, the composition of groups photo, and photoshoot moment is one of the best moment that the client waiting for while visit Paris.
  • During a group photoshoot session, in the time available, photoshoot will take place with all group member first, and then shots for each families, couple and inviduals photos, so that at the end of the session each one of you will have something for your self.

Several tips for succesful group photoshoot in Paris

  • Check how many free hours do you have for photoshoot time. 1 hour, 2 hours or halfday ?
  • Contact the photographer to discuss about the possibility of the time, the locations that can be covered according your time. The photographer will try to calculate the best time you need based on her / his experiences. And the photographer will brief you as a leader of the group to make the photoshoot succesfull, fun and less stressful.
  • Book earlier as soon as you have the date, so the time slot will firmly blocked for you. This is important since you have no time to manouver.
  • Communicate with the all member of the group, so they can prepare about the outfits, about the important of their time arrangement, to avoid the late of arrival at the location. Your time is very preciouse !
  • For a really big group, one person (the tour-leader) should be in charge to schedule for family or couple shoots so that every body will get their turns : photographer does not know the composition of the group!

Why go directly with me?

  • Well for one: I love Paris, and I am passionate about taking people to the best spots and capturing their moments! That’s my photography!
  • And two: Every photographer have their own style.
    I think it’s important to get the photographer whose style matches perfectly with you!
    Take a look at these pictures in this website, or on my instagram to get the feel of my styles.
    Photography is very personal,
    the worst would be to receive your photos in a style that you don’t like!
  • Moments are important to me!
    Not only the moment of the day, but more importantly your moments!
    That beautiful candid moments of you enjoying Paris!
    As a photographer I enjoy to be your accomplice in Paris, to make plan, to discuss everything you need, where to go, what to wear, when’s the best time to do the photoshoot, how to choose the locations, anything so that the photograph that you dream of comes true!

With me you’re in good hands !

Read below of what I promise for our future photoshoot!

I also collected in this website, lots of informations gathered from many of my clients, about travel tips & ideas, best locations, and the route to go during your photoshoot in Paris, so that you can have in mind what to expect about photospots in Paris before you come.

And lastly, please don’t hesitate to contact me with your ideas and plans for the photoshoot:

Let’s go with InMyCar

If you want to cover more locations, more conveniently, I propose InMyCar package.
We can cover more places in short time, you can change outfit on the way, it’s safer to leave belongings, and no worries whether it rains or snows.

Read more about InMyCar routes, reservation & more.

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