Babymoon photoshoot

What is a Babymoon ?

The last hurrah !!! don’t miss it… Your final chance to enjoy being a two-person family.

A babymoon is a vacation you take during pregnancy, is similar to a honeymoon. The prenancy moment is important for every women. You feel very special in this periode. This is the last chance to enjoying quality time together before the birth of a new baby. Because let’s be honest, once a baby arrives, there are often few opportunities to enjoy a getaway. Many pregnant people prefer to travel during the second trimester, when early-pregnancy symptoms subside and energy often returns.

If you’re going to Paris for a babymoon, a photoshoot is an amazing thing to do. Doing a photoshoot with your partner in the City of Love is such a nice activity! Furthermore, this isn’t only a nice experience. It’s also a great way to make incredible memories! You can always look back at the photos and remember your wonderful babymoon in Paris.
Moreover, this is also a great way to do a pregnancy announcement! There are so many creative ways to do a maternity photoshoot in Paris.

Here some helpful tips to help you plan the perfect babymoon photoshoot :

  • Choose the right time : Usually the second trimester is the best time, the first trimester some people still has morning sickness or in your third trimester, your body is already heavy, and easily feel tired, also you could be restricted if you plan to fly somewhere.
  • Low stress : try and keep this vacation well planned and low key.
  • Let your babymoon be known : Tell your photographer about your planning for a babymoon photoshoot, so your photographer will help you to arrange the best time, the best route for locations, to give you more confort condition. Also you can discuss with your photographer about the creative ideas, so your photoshoot become very excited moment to do.

Time required for Proposal and couple shoot

  • 30 minutes photoshoot for 1 location : 150 euros
  • 1 hour photoshoot for 1 location and some spots nearby walking distance : 200 euros
  • 90 min photoshoot for 2 locations : 275 euros
  • 2 hours photoshoot for 2 locations and some spots nearby : 325 euros
  • InMyCar package : if you want many locations (up to 5 best photoshoot locations in Paris) with transport included : 550 euros

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